Fulfilled Excerpt

Heat licked along Piper Vaughn’s skin. The light breeze fluttered the hem of her sun dress, cooling her even as she burned hotter. It wasn’t just the humid, hot Chicago temperature which coated her body with a fine sheen of sweat. Anticipation spiraled warmth through her at the sight of the two men striding, side by side, toward her.

Mark and Dom.

They were actually here.

Dom and Mark.

She leaned against the wood porch railing because her knees suddenly weakened. Tightness clamped around her throat. There was no turning back now.

The two men approaching were polar opposites.

Blond-haired, icy blue-eyed, bad boy Mark Lundgren had grown up with Piper-had been her best friend since the time he defended her like a wild man against a group of bullies when she was eight and he was ten. Mark received a broken nose and a nasty gash under his left eye for his efforts.

Twenty years later, the crooked nose and thin, whitish scar only contributed to his wild man persona. But when he smiled that killer smile, the wild man transformed into a mouth-watering rogue.

Having ridden his monstrous Harley to her house, he peeled off his skull helmet and his shaggy hair stuck out at odd angles. The tight leather riding pants hugged each tantalizing bulge of his muscled legs. A Viking god couldn’t look this damn good.

Piper shifted her gaze to Domingo Cardoza who was as dark and conventional as Mark was blond and wild. A full-blooded Spaniard, he’d been born with all the classic, gorgeous European features. Strong jaw, straight nose, full lips with hair and eyes the color of espresso coffee.

An inch shorter than Mark’s six foot, three inch frame, Dom nonetheless sported the same solid, muscular build. And he was just as enticing dressed in a gray t-shirt and jeans as Mark was in his black biking gear.

As different as the two men were, they had two things in common; they both worked as high-steel welders at the construction company where Piper was the project manager and they both wanted her. And Piper wanted them.


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