Sneak Peak at Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple

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Date Night


With a final wave and blown kiss to her seven-year-old daughter, Deana Jensen slid behind the wheel of her Saab. The satin teddy under her street clothes caressed her belly and her nipples stiffened to taut peaks. After turning the key, she punched the speed dial number on her cell then pulled from the curb.

“Hello?” Vance, her best friend and confidant, answered. His velvet-edged baritone echoed through her speaker phone.

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Dean…eee.” He moaned her name like he was stretching out on his obscenely expensive designer sofa. She imagined him lounging on the soft leather cushions, his partner Aaron by his side, and a small shiver chased along her vertebrae. “What’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be sucking off your horny husband during his Skype conference call tonight?”

Vance’s graphic description of Grif’s long-held fantasy rippled through her pussy. “That’s why I’m calling.” She eased to a stop at a light.

“Oh? Did the sleepover with Janie fall through? If so, I can babysit no problem.”

“No, that’s not it. I just dropped her off at the Maxwell’s. ‘Sides, I thought Aaron didn’t approve of last minute Janie duty.” She turned right onto the onramp and accelerated to match the freeway traffic speed.

“Yeah, well, he’s visiting his folks in south Florida for the next couple of weeks so I’m bachin’ it.”

She laughed. “Footloose and fancy free, huh?”

“Yup.” Another moaning stretch. “So if you’re not calling for me to pinch-hit with Janie, I’ll ask again, what’s up?”

Deana chewed her bottom lip, suddenly sober. “Grif told me Dexter Sorbian would be on the call tonight.”

A pause enveloped the car interior. “Dexter Sorbian? As in CEO of Global Tech, Dexter Sorbian? The account Grif has lusted after for more than the better part of the past year?”

“One and the same.”

Vance whistled low. “Holy shit, sweetness. Nothing like upping the ante. The boss man himself is gonna be on this call? This Skype call?” He chuckled. “Christ.”

“Exactly. Am I a total coward for not going through with this tonight?”

“What’d your hubby say?”

“After he dropped the bomb about Sorbian being on the call, nothing. So am I a worthless chicken shit?”

“You could never be worthless, sweetness. As to your dilemma…” Vance blew out a sigh. “No you’re not a chicken shit. What’d you tell Grif?”

“That it was okay. I said I’d call Laura and maybe go out for a drink after dropping off Janie.”

“Did and are you?”

“No and no. A part of me wants to say to hell with it all, go back home and do exactly as I first intended.”

“So why don’t you?”

“Because I can’t. You just said so.”

“No. I said I understood if you bailed. But if you’re thinking about doing it, then do it.”

“You really think this is a good idea?”

“Let me answer that question with one of my own. When’s the next time your husband’ll be on a Skype call and your daughter won’t be home?”

“Fuck, Vance. All I wanted was a little support without any guilt. Was that too much to ask?”

In spite of her protest, her internal muscles clenched harder at the thought of her husband’s cock, hot and thick against her tongue. But this call could make or break Grif’s advertising firm. She couldn’t risk it, could she?

“Sorry, sweetness. You know the rules. Friends don’t lie to each other. And you and that horn-dog husband of yours are my best friends. If I can’t make your lives miserable, who can? ‘Sides, did you really call so I’d talk you out of this?”

She slowed onto the exit ramp. “You know me too well. I sometimes wished we weren’t friends at all.”

He chuckled. “Oh, ouch. I’m bleeding here.”

She turned right. “You know Aaron’s supposed to be your best friend. Why aren’t you in Florida making his life miserable?”

“Aaron’s more of a boy-toy and not so much a friend.”

Shock stiffened her spine at Vance’s cavalier dismissal of his lover. “But you’ve been seeing each other for almost two years now. I kinda figured things were getting serious.”

“Fourteen months. And Aaron isn’t the serious type—which is fine with me,” he added almost as an afterthought. “So back to you. Whatcha gonna do about your date night?”

Turning onto her street, she grinned. “What’d you think?”



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