Wild Flower

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She made a deathbed promise. Matilda Townsend believed her father’s passing would finally free her from trying – and failing – to please him.  Raised more as a ranch hand than a woman, she’s shocked when her dying father asks her for one final promise: to marry the ranch foreman.

He gained an unwilling wife. Logan Cartwright has long admired the beauty Matilda hides beneath her dusty cowboy clothes.  But when she bargains to leave him sole owner of the ranch if he’ll grant her freedom to leave Indian Territory, Logan must admit he’s more interested in keeping his wife than his property.

A contest of wills sparks passion. While Matilda clings to her refusal to share her husband’s bed, Logan coaxes her into exploring the other many and varied ways a man and wife can please each other.  Even as their passion blazes hotter than a prairie fire, they must confront a danger that threatens to destroy the ranch and divide them forever

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