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In a daze, Allegra watched him go.

Aftershocks buzzed her body, making her lethargic. It wasn’t until the bright hallway light slashed across her body that she realized anyone in the hall would see her sprawled on the bed. She jerk to a sitting position, crossed her arms to hold her blouse shut and stood in the attempt to look unruffled—which was the very last thing she felt at the moment. Murmured, incoherent words met her ears as she looked around the room.

There was a dresser across from the bed with a large flat screen TV on the wall above it. A table and chairs sat next to a mini-bar. On legs that were the consistency of mashed potatoes, she walked to the enormous window and looked at the city lights of downtown.

The door closed with a quiet snick. Mace placed a wine bottle on the bar, opened the mini-fridge underneath, slipping their boxed dessert inside.

He stepped toward her. “Now, where were we?”

Where indeed? She stared at the floor as warmth infused her cheeks.

“Ah…” He tucked his finger under her chin and gently tipped up her head. “We’ll have none of that.”

“None of what?”

“Of you thinking too much.” His hand dropped to his side. “Unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind.”

“You’d still be willing to let me walk away? Even now?”

“Even now.”

This man was a complete bafflement. She uncrossed her arms and took hold of his hands. The strong, comforting feel of his fingers expunged any lingering doubt. “I haven’t changed my mind.”

“Thank God.” He leaned close. His musky scent filled her senses. “I’d hate to think I ordered a box of Trojans for no reason.”

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